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Monthly Archives: June 2011


After Lango visited his home (favela) he was very inspired to do a tropical swan on our own tropical cabana boy, Jeremy.  


Lango does love his fair share of the east coast- you see him here hanging out Brazilian style on the streets of New York.     He is going to be making his way up north to Portland, Oregon to be guest spotting at AWR July 7th-10th. If you’d like to get tat’d upon by The Lango Nator please give Jeremy a call at the shop at 415.552.4297. or e-mail him at jeremy.skullandsword@gmail.com hooooooooty whoooooooooooooooo!    


That’s right- us in front of Lango’s house in Rio de Janeiro! Peep Yutaro, keeping his dignity by not Caipira-ing out…  Missing Henry so we added him in there.     Two new big cat jammies from The Lango- the first one is no 6th and Market, but what is?!     Tiger style- Wu.  


Crash from Tattoo Artist Magazine came down and did an interview on the shop last week and here’s a teaser vid!  


After 7 lengthy months of intense manfusion, the most anticipated collab is finally done. The epic tryptic created by Henry, Lango, and Grime is fresh off the stove celebrating the beat to death themed, “Beauty Meets Pollution.”  


Bill sent this along to us along with some new samples of ink, we’re not as ungrateful as this note implies, Jeremy loves it.     This guys arm used to be so sad, now it has a bird on it.     Also, here’s a new one from Da Boss Man (Grime).