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Monthly Archives: July 2011


Yesterday morning after watching this video of a super epic salvia trip all of us at the shop couldn’t stop watching salvia trip videos on YouTube for at least 2 hours so we thought it would be real funny if we had someone at the shop smoke it and film it, so here’s a video of Jeremy’s trip on 140x extra strength super sticky purple salvia, gooey. See you guys on the other side!   Here’s a quick superior illustration of what Jeremy was experiencing.


Mark Heggie will be here with us at Skull & Sword next week, below is some of his work but you can check out more of it at his website or his Facebook. If you’d like to get tat’d upon by this warlock call the shop at 415.552.4297 and he’ll work some tat magic on you, zap!  


Here’s some flicks from my trip to Portland. Thanks to Jason Kundell and his amazing family.     Feel free to steal my reference!  


Come get tattooed by Civ, he will be guest spotting here at Skull & Sword August 14th- 16th so if you want to get tat’d upon call the shop at 415.552.4297. Here is some of his work but you can check out the rest of it at http://lotustattoo.com/civ1.php