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Monthly Archives: August 2011



This is a morning ritual for all of us here at Skullus & Swordus. Shortly after this Lango did 10 one-arm push ups, yes it is true… LADIES.  


Part 2 of Grime’s episode on VBS.tv’s Tattoo Age is up now, check it out.


Here is Grime’s first part of a three part segment in VBS.tv’s new show, Tattoo Age. Enjoy.  


Jeremy smoked Salvia and now he thinks he’s a Mission artist… But seriously, Grime and Lango look hot. Click on the pictures for bigger resolution images.   Here’s Lil’ Lango carving coconuts before he found out about Judas Priest, he was 11 here.   Count Grime sleeping in his coffin with his Creature board right by his side for easy pool shreddin’ access.   Henry tattin’ a profile of a girl on a dude- he is wearing his favorite tee-shirt, Morrissey represent!   Remember the salvia video of Jeremy? This is how he imagined Henry to be after smoking salvia,… Read More


Here’s some new ones from Lil’ Lango, click em for a bigger photo.  


  Check out the teaser trailer on VBS.tv for Grime’s episode in Tattoo Age. Part 1 of 3 airs next week August 10th, 2011… stay tuned.