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Monthly Archives: October 2011


Here are some photos from this past week’s State of Grace’s Bay Area Tattoo Convention.   Grime, Todd “Strong Weight” Nobility, and Henry wearing the 1/1 3x tall Skull & Sword tee we made for our friend Bert Krak at Smith St.   Here’s some tats Henry made.     BJ Betts shared a booth with Todd Nobility and us at Skull & Sword over the weekend- you should feel his forearms if you ever get a chance to meet him, it’s like touching an anvil, you could cast a bronze sword on it.     Our very own Lil’… Read More


Zack Stuka from Deluxe Tattoo will be doing a guest spot here at Skull & Sword October 28th-31st (Friday-Monday). If you’d like to get tat’d upon, give Zack at Deluxe a call at (773) 549-1594 or e-mail him directly at ZStuka666@gmail.com    

photo 1 copy

Our friend Todd “Baconzilla” Noble will be guest spotting here at Skull & Sword the 19th, 20th, and 24th of October. If you’d like to get tat’d upon by this weathered veteran give us a call at the shop at 415.552.4297.  


Our very own Lil’ Lango is featured in a 12 page article in the November issue of Juxapoz magazine. It’ll be available on news stands as of next week, peep game!