A Look at Post-Pandemic Weddings


The pandemic surely unveiled new challenges in relationships, even those long-standing ones, including extended periods of separation. If you and your partner weathered through a tumultuous year, congratulations! Any future adversities would prove to be easy for you.

Unexpectedly, the world has seen an explosion in wedding engagements during a time of supposed isolation. While couples had a hard time coming to terms with a reality that keeps them from spending time with each other, the same longing feeling is actually what strengthened their bonds. Even the most independent individuals, being confronted by an all-encompassing issue that threatens their security, realized the comfort they could find in their partner and the beauty in settling down.

Getting past the engagement stage is one, but the mere thought of the actual wedding day during a pandemic that’s yet to mellow down has given couples a major headache. Each half of the pair has dreamed of this day all their lives, to dress beautifully, to be wedded with their forever companion in a dreamily decorated hall, and to grandly dine and drink in the presence of all their loved ones. While they would want these to come into reality, it seems like it’s a plan they would have to forego.

It’s either they postpone the wedding to a later day, but whether COVID is already gone by then no one is fully certain. Or, they proceed with caution to get things over with and to appease a family that’s grown impatient for you to tie the knot. On the other hand, many couples are also opting for mini celebrations now and saving up for a grand one when things are truly back to the old normal.

It’s a bummer having to tone down an otherwise monumental celebration as it comes only once. But, let us convince you how you can still make your day a meaningful one. As they say, weddings have changed forever and the following practices are here to stay:

Wedding Priorities Revisited

The trend of more intimate weddings has been around even before the pandemic, but it has grown even more now. Conventionally, guest lists would be so long to include hundreds of invitees. Lately, though, the idea of having a good 50 people or even less made up of only close family and friends is being received well. More and more couples are giving more thought to identifying the people who would form part of their journey, through the thick and thin, as they say.

Younger couples, being natural disruptors of archaic traditions and applying practicality necessitated by the pandemic, are choosing to ditch century-old practices. This includes cake cutting and the bride approaching the altar on her own, without her parents. Instead, they would much rather design a ceremony and even meal courses that reflect their unique fellowship.

One thing that’s particularly hard for brides to let go, though, is living that fantasy of wearing the most extravagant designer gown for their wedding. While some are into minimalist bridal dresses, many are compensating for an affair, which could have been grander, with their attire.

And still, because of this budget surplus, couples are becoming more open to splurging on their wedding bands aside from their engagement rings, instead. After all, it’s the best testament to their union they could have at the moment. On the other hand, less attention is paid to personalizing decor and favors.


Safety is Magnified

Enclosed spaces, proven to be infection risk-prone, have become a thing of the past with a spike in outdoor weddings. Aside from the added safety, an outdoor setting provides, its natural elements–greenery, chirping birds, and flowing water, if any, also offer a relaxing ambiance. When commenced in the afternoon and transitioning to evening, outdoor wedding ceremonies tend to feel more romantic with a crisper air and dreamy landscape lights.

We have weaned ourselves from having to celebrate with buffets brimming with delicious entrees. Instead, we have adapted to individually plated and even covered meals for parties. Caterers have duly made touch-ups to their serving wear to not only maximize their food safety but also present the food more elegantly.

Virtual Event

You might have cut down your guest list, but that does not mean you can keep other friends from witnessing your special day, especially those abroad or who cannot yet travel inter-state. Organizers rose to the occasion and later took their virtual event machinery up a notch. If they just dress up too, the more viewers would feel as if they’re physically present with the seamless live viewing experience.

The pressure to hold the perfect wedding will continue to persist with or without the pandemic. But, getting too caught up with this burden will drive you away from enjoying the preparation process. Remember, the intention behind getting married is what matters most. No matter how big or small your ceremony is, your loved ones would be more than happy to be part of it.

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