The Best Couple Tattoos That Elevate Relationship Goals

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Back in the days, couples would exchange rings, trinkets, and other personal items to showcase their love and affection in front of a professional videographer at their wedding. But these days, more and more couples are getting relationship tattoos as a mark of their devotion. Body art was once frowned upon, but now, people are more accepting of this form of expression.

Younger couples can be quite experimental with their tattoo design choices. For couple ink, it should cover all the symbols and qualities that they deem personal and unique to their lovers. Their shared ink is often a language that only they can understand.

There are countless choices when considering couple tattoo designs. The decision always lies with the couple. They can have animals, symbols, quotes, and other emblems that sum up their shared interest, values, and love. Some of the most popular choices are quotes from an inside joke, a particular date, or something that the couple considers as their “shared secret.” Here are some ideas that you might also consider for your couple ink session.

Connected Wine Tattoo

This design is a romantic way of showing the couple’s intent to grow old together. Wine is said to become more valuable as it ages, which is the same for relationships and love. Over the years and shared experiences, more texture and value are added to the relationship. Choose vibrant colors for your hyper-realistic connected tattoo to showcase your passion and devotion to each other.

Twin Hearts Tattoo

This is a classic design, but it remains a tattoo design that couples love today. You can experiment and be creative with the curves and textures of your matching heart. Some couples prefer small, delicate, and minimalistic ink on their wrist, while others prefer grander heart designs. Having this tattoo on your wrist is more symbolic because of the vein that is connected to the heart. Some also have it on their ring finger — a meaningful spot for couples.

Connected Geometric Patterns

Geometric tattoo designs are hot, and it is even more amazing when it is completed on another body. The wholeness of the design is seen when two people come together. Thus, it has a meaningful core. This tattoo design is ideal for couples who see their partner as a piece that completes them or something that makes them whole. When they are individuals, they are two separate tattoo designs that are complete on their own. When paired, something magical happens, and it becomes a symbol of the couple’s union.

LO-VE Intertwined Hands

Sometimes, the simplest designs have layers of meaning underneath. Intertwined hands are a loud declaration of a couple’s devotion to each other. For the younger generation, holding hands this way is a body language that says, “we’re dating.” Keep your hands intertwined and add mini quotes or words like “LOVE,” which will only be completed if you keep your hands together.

Matching Family Tree

A family tree tattoo is an incredible declaration of one’s devotion to his or her family. It means that the person values their family above anything else and will do everything to protect it. For couples looking for a matching tattoo that encompasses everything they value, this is an ideal choice. It can be made small and discreet enough so that it will not get much attention at work but will be meaningful and symbolic. You may become creative with the colors and designs to make them more aesthetically pleasing and unique to you and your partner.

Matching Sacred Geometric Pattern

There are various sacred geometric patterns that you can find amongst nature — the most common of which is the three-sided triangles forming a pattern. Younger couples take inspiration from these patterns to create a unique matching tattoo that will complement one another. It is symbolic of a romantic relationship where there is peace and harmony.

Yin and Yang

This tattoo is inspired by Eastern cultures and is a graceful couple tattoo to have. Yin and yang are two opposites that dance as one. Yin is the dark swirl that represents femininity, shadows, and troughs of a wave. Yang, on the other hand, is the light swirl that is associated with passion, growth, and brightness. This design is perfect for couples who want to harness the energy of opposites. It is like a declaration of their full devotion to one another despite all odds. Love can give the perfect balance to people and their environment.

Modern couples are now more expressive about their feelings and relationships. One of the most popular ways is through body art. Thus, more couples choose to have tattoo wedding bands instead of the usual rings. Others prefer matching tattoos or piercings. Whichever route you choose to take, always take pride in your couple tattoo as you elevate your relationship to a whole new level.

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By Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw is an experienced artist and designer who specializes in creating tattoos. Over the past ten years, she has honed her skills and worked at well-known tattoo parlors in the United States. She has joined the "TheSkullAndSwords" community to team up with other creatives and tell captivating stories that showcase art and culture.

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