What Does A Blue Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

3D butterfly tattoo on a person's back

A good luck charm is what most cultures think of when they see a butterfly, especially a blue one. It makes sense to get a butterfly tattoo because then you’d have that good luck on you wherever you go and for as long as you live. But different designs and colors mean different things, as with any tattoo.

Although a blue butterfly tattoo usually symbolizes “good luck,” its meaning for you may not refer to good fortune.

The Meaning of a Blue Butterfly

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Blue symbolizes peace, stability, and authority; in some cultures, it carries a spiritual element and provides a sense of calm and peacefulness. A butterfly’s spiritual meaning is connected with Christianism, specifically the concept of “ascension.”

Because this delicate, typically vibrant living being in the animal world goes through a metamorphosis, its symbolism for spiritual transformation and rebirth is easy to see.

When you’ve gone through a big life change or are taking steps to affect one, getting inked with blue butterflies could be a good reminder of this goal.

What Does a Blue Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

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From coming out of rehab to being free from a bad relationship, a new lease on life is always a welcome change. And when you want to celebrate that new journey, a butterfly tattoo in blue is a good idea.

The artist could apply several types of artwork to your tattoo. Realism tattoos, for one, can leave a hypnotic effect and make your blue butterfly ink look as though you’ve got one massive insect on your back, leg, or chest. If you want an otherworldly style, ask your artist about using fantasy art for your ink. Both styles could work for the intended meaning behind your blue butterfly.

If you don’t want a fussy design or prefer something discreet, a tiny butterfly on your wrist or behind your ear is another way to get inked. These designs and placements are typical for any butterfly tattoo.

Blue butterflies aren’t just about transformation — for the better. Their second most famous association is with good luck. Like a four-leaf clover, a tattoo of blue butterflies signifies a blissful life, that you’ve had good luck. Lucky bastard.

Sometimes, getting inked with this graceful creature can be aspirational; you want to have good luck in your life.

Rarely will you come across a blue butterfly (the color itself is rare), and sometimes, good fortune can be elusive. This could explain their association.

If you’re unsure about a butterfly tattoo, test out a temporary design like Momentary Ink, which lets you customize a temporary tattoo.

Other options are worth considering if you’re set on butterflies but don’t care too much about the blue ones.

Other Butterfly Designs for Your Tattoo

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Try other species if you’d rather not get a blue morpho butterfly tattooed. Butterflies come in a riot of colors or shades of black and white. The color you pick will depend on what you want your butterfly tattoo to mean and likely be dictated by your cultural background.

In different cultures, the same colors will have different meanings.

A black butterfly tattoo could symbolize fleeting existence, so maybe you want your ink to say you’re dealing with aging. A white butterfly tattoo, on the other hand, could symbolize purity. But in Native American culture, white signifies good luck. A yellow butterfly tattoo could mean joy if you’re Chinese or hope if you’re Native American.

One of this insect’s more common tattoo designs is the monarch butterfly. Monarch butterfly tattoos have a variety of meanings:

  • Your monarch butterfly could symbolize your femininity and beauty since this impressive butterfly is admired for how it looks
  • The tattoo could mean that you yearn for personal growth because the butterfly is considered a spirit animal
  • The butterfly design could be your way of honoring the departed; in Mexico, the monarch butterfly symbolizes those who have gone.
  • Or it doesn’t have to mean anything because you just happen to dig monarch butterflies.

You can also try other elements with your butterfly tattoo to communicate something else. For example, people who are struggling with anxiety have taken to getting inked with the semi-colon, and some are adding a whimsical butterfly to their body art.

Follow the Blue Butterfly

A butterfly tattoo in blue, yellow, or black is one of the easiest designs to add to your “moveable art.” As an expression of your desires and hopes or as a nod to a life that has concluded, this type of tattoo will never go unnoticed because it’s inherently attractive. Like a fluttering blue butterfly hypnotizing you to come to follow it.

List Of 25 Blue Butterfly Tattoos For Women

Butterfly tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts, and a blue butterfly tattoo is a unique and eye-catching design. To create such intricate and detailed tattoos, tattoo artists need reliable and high-quality tattoo-making tools. The right tattoo machine can make all the difference in achieving the desired look and precision. Investing in a quality tattoo pen machine can provide smoother lines and more consistent results. Whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting, choosing the right tattoo-making tools can significantly impact your art. A blue butterfly tattoo can be a beautiful representation of transformation and freedom, and with the right tattoo machine, it can be executed with precision and artistry.

Have you considered getting a blue butterfly tattoo but don’t know which one? Here are some ideas for exciting butterfly tattoos:

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Wrist

The inside of the writs is commonplace for a tattoo. However, it is a sensitive and delicate area, so choosing a design that fits the place is important. Smaller tattoos, like a blue butterfly tattoo on the wrist, are a good and popular option. A blue butterfly tattoo on black skin will provide an amazing contrast, bringing the design more into view.

#1 Small Butterfly Tattoo

Many people go for a simple design when they get their first tattoo. Some choose a single line, while others go for triangle tattoos on the body. If you like the blue butterfly, a small butterfly tattoo is a great start! The small butterfly tattoo meaning is a good luck bringer no matter where you decide to engrave it.

#2 Heart Butterfly Tattoo

Cute heart butterfly tattoos are commonly smaller, delicate, and subtle. They can remind you of a particular time or person in your life. The best part—you can place them anywhere you want: on your arm, wrist, chest, or any other place. 

#3 Simple Butterfly Tattoo

If you are the type of person that likes minimalistic styles, you should consider the simple butterfly tattoo. It is an elegant and elusive option you can place wherever you like.

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Hand

An interesting place for a tattoo is the hands. Usually, people tend to avoid it because it can be quite painful, seeing that there is little soft tissue to dull the pain. Nonetheless, a blue butterfly hand tattoo may be a small one placed on the outside between the thumb and index finger and give a soft touch, or it can also be incorporated as part of a whole sleeve.

#4 Blue Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

The Monarch butterfly tattoo has several meanings. Some cultures believe that it is associated with royalty. In others, like in Mexican culture, the monarch butterfly represents the soul of a deceased person returning to see their loved ones on the day of the dead. 

#5 Blue Butterfly Tattoo With a Cross

Combine the meaning of the blue butterfly tattoo with a cross. The latter symbolizes faith and blessings, so together, these two can represent renewal in your faith or be a tribute to something or someone you care for.

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Neck

Women frequently use the blue butterfly neck tattoo and mostly pair it with flowers, lines, and symbols to accentuate its meaning and design. The most common place for a neck tattoo is on the back or side of the neck.

#6 Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly and rose tattoo combines a beautiful appearance and powerful meaning. The rose symbolizes love and passion, while the butterfly symbolizes transformation, new beginnings, and growth. When used together, they give the idea of being in love with the potential for that love to grow and change.

#7 Butterfly Skull Tattoo

Combining a blue tattoo butterfly with black contours for the skull is a bold underlining of the circle of life. You can also pick a dark blue butterfly tattoo to highlight the gorgeous blue shade. 

#8 Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

A semicolon butterfly tattoo is a tattoo that shows hope, strength, and resilience (the semicolon meaning), underlined with the yearning for change (the butterfly). You can also add a feather tattoo for an even grander statement. 

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Shoulder

In some civilizations in the past, shoulder tattoos symbolized bravery, power, and social status. Today, they are often seen as a symbol of strength, courage, and resilience. People use them to express individuality and commemorate a special moment, so a blue butterfly or butterfly tattoo seems perfect.

#9 Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

The traditional butterfly tattoo has been a common choice for people throughout the decades. This tattoo was popular for people in the 30s and was often used as a butterfly sleeve tattoo. This tattoo typically has a black-and-white design, but you can add a twist and try a black-and-blue butterfly tattoo combination.

#10 Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

If you are an artwork fan, go for a purple and blue butterfly tattoo with a watercolor design. This combo gives off a sophisticated vibe, encapsulating the true beauty of these dainty creatures. Another great idea is choosing a clear blue watercolor butterfly tattoo.

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Fingers

Ancient Egyptian women tattooed their fingers with dots, lines, shapes, stars, and butterflies to symbolize their difficult times. And even today, butterfly finger tattoos are a famous option for a small and delicate tattoo design.

#11 Name Tattoo With a Blue Butterfly

Putting a name under the blue butterfly tattoo on your shoulder can add a personal touch to your tattoo. Usually, the blue butterfly tattoo means a combination of love, faith, and rebirth.

#12 Tribal Blue Butterfly 

A tribal butterfly tattoo is a popular design. This tattoo includes tribal patterns with the graceful glamor of a butterfly. It is usually placed as a butterfly neck tattoo in black and white but can also be stunning in blue.

#13 Distinctive Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Sometimes, it’s not about the tattoo but where you place it. Adding a distinctive blue butterfly tattoo behind the ear can be unique. If you like sleeve tattoos, you can start with a female butterfly tattoo arm sleeve. Or make you already started sleeve more distinctive by adding a butterfly and flower tattoo. 

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Lower Back

The lower back is commonplace for a butterfly tattoo. All taboos aside, this is a discrete area that you can cover easily if you want to. Also, the blue butterfly tattoo is aesthetically pleasing and looks great on many body types. 

#14  Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Realistic blue butterfly tattoo designs are some of the hardest to create. These wonderful tattoos include details of butterflies with realistic shading and coloring. 

#15 3D Butterfly Tattoo

The blue 3d butterfly tattoo always captures the eye, as the 3D effect brings your tattoo to life. These 3D tattoos are extraordinarily detailed, and only knowledgeable and talented artists can pull them off. 

#16 Royal Blue Butterfly Tattoo

A royal blue butterfly tattoo is an alluring and specific design. The bright and vibrant blue hue represents transformation, courage, and freedom. Another meaning of this tattoo is renewal and new beginnings. 

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Leg

If you want everyone to see your tattoo, placing it on your leg is a sure way. Usually, big or bright tattoos, like a blue and purple butterfly tattoo, are placed on the calf. You can also wear a little blue butterfly tattoo on the ankle—a delicate and sweet touch.

#17 Butterfly Flower Tattoo

A butterfly and flower tattoo is cute, trendy, and a great look that adds a feminine feel. Placing two of nature’s most beautiful creations on your arm, leg, or other body part shows your unique style. The butterfly flower tattoo is visually stunning, especially with the red rose tattoos.

#18 Blue Morpho Butterfly Tattoo

A blue morpho butterfly tattoo is a favored design option for many individuals. The blue morpho butterfly tattoo meaning is associated with freedom, strength, and resilience. This butterfly species is native to rainforests in Mexico and Central and South America.  

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Hip

People who like butterfly hip tattoos usually have a free spirit and love nature. Small butterfly designs can also serve as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of living each day to the fullest.

 #19 Half Geometric Blue Butterfly

For those who want simplicity and like the real-life look, a half-and-half geometric and normal butterfly should do the trick. This is a very common butterfly tattoo on the hand, and some have even used the design as a butterfly chest tattoo.

#20 Friendship Blue Butterfly Tattoos

Friendship butterfly tattoos are a great way to emphasize the bond between two individuals. If you want matching tattoos, a half-blue butterfly wrist tattoo is a great option. It is simple and elegant, plus there are many affordable tattoos for couples that you can use as a basic design for this idea.

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Chest

Blue butterfly tattoos on the chest are a bold statement. They can be plain or complicated designs placed on the upper chest, lower chest, or side area. Individuals who want to express their love for nature, creativity, or appreciation for life select blue butterfly tattoos for these parts.

#21 Butterfly Mandala Tattoo

The mandala symbol is a detailed and beautiful addition to a butterfly tattoo. Among many eastern cultures, it is believed that it brings harmony and balance to a person. You can create a unique design that will include a blue butterfly in the mandala symbol, like flying from it or staying on top of the mandala sign.

#22 Half Nature Blue Butterfly Tattoo

This design is great as a butterfly arm tattoo. It is usually done as a one-half butterfly and one-half nature. The combination fully encompasses the feeling of freedom and yearning for travel.

Blue Butterfly Tattoos On Thigh

Butterfly thigh tattoos are popular for women who want to make a statement. This tattoo is usually a delicate butterfly with broad wings. Blue is a suitable option because it is associated with freedom and beauty. 

#23 Temporary Butterfly Tattoo

If you are unsure about a permanent tattoo, you can always go for a temporary one. You can choose a blue butterfly temporary tattoo for a special occasion and wear it for a particular time. And if you like it, you can always make it permanent.

#24 Infinity Butterfly Tattoo

Choosing a butterfly infinity tattoo can show your dedication to life and spiritual growth. This combination of the infinity sign and the butterfly shows that life is an infinite journey and that you control your destiny. 

#25 Galactic Blue Butterfly Tattoo

If you are into astronomy and would like to combine that with a simple blue butterfly tattoo, then this is the perfect combo. The blue hue of this tattoo will go perfectly with a galactic scene incorporated inside the butterfly or around it, making it flutter with the stars.


Tattoos represent many distinct things, such as strength, courage, protection, change, and beauty. People use them to express their personalities, celebrate significant events, honor another individual or express personal beliefs.

Those who choose the blue butterfly symbol are usually spiritual and wild souls who crave change and growth in every aspect of life. So, before you decide on your next tattoo, why not consider the elegant and graceful blue butterfly? 

Blue Butterfly Tattoo – FAQs

1) What do butterfly tattoos symbolize?

Butterfly tattoos commonly symbolize transformation, joy, and beauty. The blue butterfly tattoo can also be associated with femininity, luck, and change. Many cultures believe the blue butterfly tattoo meaning is a good luck charm.

2) What does the 2 butterflies tattoo mean?

Two butterfly tattoos usually illustrate transformation and growth. People connect the butterfly with metamorphosis and rebirth due to its nature. This tattoo can also refer to the freedom to live by your own rules. The Chinese believe that two butterflies flying together symbolize love.

3) Is a blue butterfly tattoo a symbol of good luck?

The blue butterfly tattoo is generally considered a bearer of good luck. Also, a simple blue butterfly tattoo can symbolize transformation, renewal, and hope. This tattoo is mainly a reminder of the possibility to change.

4) Where can I have a blue butterfly tattoo on my body?

You can have a blue butterfly tattoo anywhere you want, depending on its size. For bigger designs, the most optimal places on your body are the back of your arms, neck, and shoulders. But a tiny butterfly tattoo is better on your fingers or wrists.   

5) How much do I need to invest in getting a blue butterfly tattoo on my arm?

Usually, ankle tattoos cost around $50 to $200, depending on the design and size. If you aim for a 3D blue butterfly tattoo, then it may even cost $500.

By Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw is an experienced artist and designer who specializes in creating tattoos. Over the past ten years, she has honed her skills and worked at well-known tattoo parlors in the United States. She has joined the "TheSkullAndSwords" community to team up with other creatives and tell captivating stories that showcase art and culture.

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