Body and Skin Art Trends Taking Over the World


Tattoos or skin and body art have enjoyed a rise in popularity recently, with more individuals making it a goal to get at least one as they grow older. Like other types of art, specific designs and placements see a rise and fall in popularity over the years. If you’re running a tattoo shop, having advertisements and testimonial videos created by service providers from a production company is crucial for your business.

Regardless if you have an ink shop or are merely looking to get your first piece of body or skin art, the following are some of the latest tattoo trends you can try.

Bigger Tattoos

With skin art becoming more common and accepted in recent years, the rise of more prominent tattoos is possible. If you’re looking to get a large tattoo but don’t want the pain that typically comes along the process of getting it, you can always go for a design focusing on linework and minimal shading.

 Minimalist Black Ink Art

Although color has been a massive trend in the body art world in recent years, there’s also been an uprise of popularity in minimalist black ink work, especially with pieces that have plenty of ’empty’ spaces and think lines. Vibrancy may be rising in popularity, but the minimalist tattoo trend is here to stay and shows no signs of stopping.

Plus, this trend allows individuals to experience getting a tattoo minus the excruciating pain that comes with colored and detailed designs. Simple numbers, shapes, florals, scripts, and delicate line tattoos will continue to be popular in years to come—paving the way for people new to the concept.

Additionally, besides ‘plain black’ tattoos, black and gray tattoos are making a comeback again, with more people opting for the intricate combination. That’s because black and gray tend to better settle on a person’s skin, in the long run, giving it a more mysterious and timeless look than other colored tattoos.

Blended Aesthetics

The shift toward favoring colored tattoos has led some to update more traditional skin art pieces with bright and modern pigments, also known as ‘blended aesthetics.’ This trend is where artists add pastels and vibrant colors to conventional American tattoos, extending beyond color. It combines different colors and styles, combining the beauty of traditional and contemporary body art in one piece.


A tattoo trend that everyone will likely see in the upcoming years is dot work or pointillism, involving drawing thousands of tiny dots, creating an image that looks solid from a certain distance. Although this trend may require plenty of skills and accuracy, you’ll be amazed at the unique texture it gives your ink.

Negative Space


Alongside the trend of large tattoos is the ‘negative space ink,’ where instead of drawing the tattoo’s actual design, the artist only outlines the tattoo design, leaving its insides blank. This art trend is perfect for you if you like body art offering an optical illusion and more depth.

Lace Tattoos

Many people are indecisive when it comes to tattoos, leaving many desiring to wear a tattoo for a day or two. That’s where lace tattoos come in. This trend is taking over the world of body art, making it the perfect temporary ink choice for individuals looking to look their best during a night out or special events. Plenty of individuals wear lace tattoos on body parts where you wouldn’t typically get inked, like the face and neck.


Henna is one of the oldest forms of tattoos. It’s done by applying an organic plant compound to the skin’s surface, making it different from modern tattoos, where needles deliver indelible ink beneath the skin. While this practice was once something confined to the Indian subcontinent, it’s become famous and well-known worldwide, thanks to its versatility. Henna inks today expand beyond the traditional brown colors of the past to silver, rose-gold, and pure gold—and it has become one of the most popular body art trends this year.


Body art cover-ups will be a massive trend in the tattoo industry in the new decade because of the large number of amateur tattoo artists hopping on the bandwagon last year. Plus, tattoo machines are now easily accessible, giving anyone the chance to create body ink, leading to possible complications. That’s why cover-ups will become a likely trend in the new decade.

The world of body and skin art is changing. It’s becoming more varied and creative—and the trends mentioned prove this further, leaving individuals with many unique and exciting options around. They allow people to express themselves better and more freely.

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