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Sapphire is a sacred gemstone. It is believed to have immense powers, so many astrologers advocate that it can turn your life around. Sapphire is considered the harbinger of positive energy. But what can it manifest in your life?

Well, Sapphires are considered to be magical stones in Indian Vedic culture. There are immense case studies where the wearer vows that these changed their life.

Why Should You Wear A  Sapphire?

Sapphires are one of the most prominent gems in astronomy. It is believed that if a sapphire suits your personality, it can show miraculous effects in your life. Sapphires can make you peaceful, calm, and wealthy.

These precious stones are capable of making a change in your life. But how subtly or profoundly they change your life depends on the quality of the sapphire. Sapphires are precious gems that should be chosen with the utmost caution, or you might suffer a huge loss. You should buy it from a trustworthy source. Leibish specializes in extremely valuable gemstones, which can help you immensely.

The former gem has many scientific benefits too. The energy field created by them is pure and divine. But, as it helps in healing, sometimes it can lead to short-lived trauma as healing isn’t all roses. So, naturally, few myths have been attached to them that they may bring bad luck. But, you should just check whether it suits your aura or not.

Effects of Wearing Different Sapphires

These alluring gems come in a variety of types. Each has its individual aura and energy fields to help get clarity and fight negative habits/energy. The most commonly used ones are blue, red, and yellow. Out of these, the blue sapphire is considered the best one.

Blue Sapphires 

Blue Sapphires are the most widely used sapphires. This gemstone is regarded as the one that quickly manifests good fortune in the user’s life. 

It opens the throat chakra, which helps to bring clarity and healing in life. It means that it can give you better decision-making abilities, metabolism, eyesight and removes the effects of curses and black magic. The special feature of using blue sapphires is that you can instantly feel the changes. It can make a person’s life absolutely flawless.

These alluring beauties are to be worn either before sunset or on Saturday mornings. It is ideal to wear these during Shukla paksha. But, if you have Aries, Pisces, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, or Scorpio descendants, then this stone might not bring good fortune for you in general circumstances. So, you should avoid it unless recommended.

Orange Sapphires

Orange sapphires are a symbol of love. These beautiful gems portray friendship, relations, joy, and togetherness. Using orange sapphire is best when you want to embrace your sexual energy and increase physical attraction and intimacy.

Other than these, orange sapphires bring warmth and comfort. They can activate your Sacral or second chakra. It can bring an outburst of creative flow, and you can become more talented by using these.

If you can’t control your emotions and urges, then orange sapphire may not be an ideal gem for you. In such cases, you won’t be able to use your creative strengths productively. Moreover, you might do something counterproductive. Instead, you should consider other gemstones.

Yellow Sapphires

These are rare kinds of Sapphire that can open the Solar plexus chakra. It focuses on healing from diseases and disorders. It can heal ailments related to the kidney, liver, and mouth. Plus, diseases like rheumatism, cough, and fever can be avoided with their use.

Yellow Sapphire is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet, indicating that the stone can be remarkably effective for lawyers, teachers, and those who are in power. It is also a good option for those who seek wisdom. Besides, it can act as the first step to entering your spiritual journey.

If you have weak Jupiter, then you should not use this as it can cause confusion and hallucinations. Plus, it may affect your social life and relations.

Should You Consider Wearing A Sapphire?

Sapphires do have their own unique benefits depending on how and when to use them.  But, should you consider wearing one?

 The answer is very subjective. As you have seen, different sapphires bring results depending on different circumstances. So, if you think that it can help you reach a certain level in your life or solve a problem, then you should try it. But, before trying, confirm once with your astrologer to nullify the negative outcomes.

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