Corporate Talk: Types of Online Content that Your Business Should Have

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In the online world, content is king. This adage always rings true, especially that people who go online consume a lot of material. With this in mind, it will be wise if you invest heavily in online marketing—especially when it comes to content. But many businesses overlook the value of content. They think that it is just something that you should post online for the sake of posting. Now is the time to ditch that thinking and proceed with a pragmatic approach to using content for your business’s advantage.

So if you are planning to use content marketing, you should first come up with the right mix. This means using a variety of content types and pieces to make sure that your campaign is not homogenous—that it is textured and interesting. Here are some of the types of content your website, social media, and other pages should have.

Corporate Videos

This is surely one of the foremost types of content that you should have on your online pages. You need first to establish your identity and what better way to do that with a corporate AVP. Some may find it boring, but it is necessary (and there are some ways to make your corporate video interesting!). At this stage, it is important that you know who to work with. You will need to invest in production, so it will always be wise to find and work with a reliable production fixer. The right producers and directors will make your corporate video stand out.


In your marketing materials, you may have a claim that will warrant some backing up. This will help make sure that your claim is credible. If this is one of the goals of your campaign, it will be advisable that you use infographics. Infographics are sets of visuals that visualize numbers and figures so that the reading public will easily understand them.

Story Campaigns

Online audiences are big fans of stories. They are always on the lookout for content that will give them a fresh perspective on some issues and human insights. So, in this case, you may want to come up with a short film. Create a story that seamlessly integrates your brand and product, and how they help the characters. To create an impactful story, research is essential. You can interview people and ask for their permission to use their story. Just make sure that your brand is properly used and inserted into the theme.


Everyone wants to have some fun. If you want your social media page to be fun and engaging, you can invest in community management. You may want to post memes that people can easily relate to. Just be careful with copyrights. Or if you want, you can create your memes.

Content is king, but do not forget context. You should make sure that your content is produced and deployed at the right time and with the right intention. You may want to work with reliable ad agencies and content marketing specialists.

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