How Art Is Used To Express Feelings


• Painting and drawing let you externalize your thoughts and creatively explore them.

• Writing poetry or lyrics gives you an outlet that can help you express feelings.

• Sculpting something tangible allows you to take your inner landscape and make something real out of it.

• Music-making can be a compelling way to express yourself and your emotions.

• Buying jewelry with meaning is also an excellent way to express your emotions and keep them close to you.

Everyone has strong emotions that are sometimes difficult to express. Art can be a powerful tool to help you express your feelings when you don’t have the words. Here are ways that art can help you express your feelings:

Painting or Drawing

Painting and drawing can be incredibly cathartic, allowing you to externalize your thoughts and creatively explore them. Doing this won’t just allow you to express yourself. It may also provide some mental clarity and help lift your mood. Choose colors and shapes that represent how you feel, or draw something abstract without worrying about what it looks like. Take as much time as you need to get out all of your thoughts onto the paper or canvas.

Writing Poetry or Lyrics

Using words to express yourself is another powerful form of emotional expression through art. Writing poetry or lyrics gives us an outlet for emotionality that can be incredibly helpful when feeling overwhelmed by emotions we don’t quite know how to put into words yet. Don’t worry if what comes out isn’t perfect – remember that art doesn’t need to be “perfect” to be valid or meaningful! Let go of any judgment. Writing down whatever comes into your head can help clear some space for more ideas or even bring closure for emotions you may have been struggling with for a long time.

Sculpting or Modeling

Using clay, wood, stone, metal—whatever material appeals most—to shape something with your hands is one of humankind’s oldest forms of artistic expression! Sculpting something tangible allows you to take your inner landscape and make something real out of it. Giving form and color (or texture) to your thoughts and feelings is both creatively satisfying and incredibly liberating! It’s incredible how much better you can understand yourself when seeing what your mind has created!


Make music using instruments such as guitars, drums, keyboards—or anything else that makes a sound! Music is often said to be one of the greatest forms of communication – channeling any emotion into rhythm brings great satisfaction on both an artistic level as well as an emotional level.

However, this can also be quite a complicated process, especially if you’re new to it. Here are the steps you need to take when making music:

Decide what emotion you want to convey

This will be the main ingredient in your music, so it’s important to take some time to really think about what you want to say.

Choose a style of music

Once you know which emotion you want to express, decide on a style of music that fits it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your favorite genre – just make sure it is the most appropriate one for conveying your feelings.

Develop the melody, harmony, and rhythm

Using your chosen music style, develop a melody and harmony that best expresses your emotion. Then add rhythm to give it life.

Improvise and experiment

There are no set rules for making music – so have fun and experiment! You may discover something unexpected that will take your music even further.

Music-making can be a compelling way to express yourself and your emotions. It’s important to remember that this is a process – it might take some time and practice before you find the perfect sound that resonates with you. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right away – just keep trying. Eventually, you’ll find your unique way of expressing yourself through music.


Finally, creating jewelry pieces is a great way to express your feelings. Working with different colored beads or materials can be very therapeutic. It gives people the opportunity to make something beautiful out of their emotions. Crafting jewelry combines the creativity of art-making with the practicality and satisfaction of creating something useful! Plus, wearing a piece of jewelry that you made yourself is a great way to always keep your emotions with you – while also giving you a reminder that you can transform them into something positive!

However, if you’re not the best at making jewelry, you can simply buy jewelry to express your feelings. For example, buying a beautiful promise ring for your significant other is a great way to express your love and commitment. Wearing jewelry that has meaning can also remind you of important values or somebody you care about.

Art can be a powerful tool for expressing our emotions and helping us cope with difficult situations. Whether it’s painting, drawing, writing poetry or lyrics, sculpting or modeling, making music, or creating jewelry, there are many ways to express yourself creatively. Each of these activities has the potential to bring about mental clarity and help lift your mood.

By Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw is an experienced artist and designer who specializes in creating tattoos. Over the past ten years, she has honed her skills and worked at well-known tattoo parlors in the United States. She has joined the "TheSkullAndSwords" community to team up with other creatives and tell captivating stories that showcase art and culture.

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