Having a Teen Soon? Check Out These Bedroom Makeover Ideas

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When your kid is ready to transition from being a middle schooler to being a high school student, it should not surprise you when they start to develop new interests. Whether that’s in a romantic relationship, more time with friends, new music, or fashion, one thing’s for sure — they’re going to demand a bedroom makeover.

Because they’re going to be young adults soon, their current bedroom’s look may no longer suit them and their newly developed interests. Embrace this change in your child and let them have that bedroom transformation they desire. Interior decorators in Utah and other states will be very helpful in putting together all the new elements that your teenager would love to have in their bedroom.

Color Scheme

Teenagers are fond of colors, so give them the freedom to choose their favorite color as the new color scheme of their bedroom, no matter how bright or unusual they may be. You’d be surprised how many colors can blend well together.

If your teen prefers black, don’t be daunted by it, because you can work with the color without it looking dingy. When done right, your teen’s bedroom will look sophisticated and chic. For example, on the wall behind the headboard. You don’t have to paint the entire bedroom black, but rather just make it an accent.

Pink will most likely remain to be your teenage girl’s favorite color, but as they move on to high school, they may want new shades of it, like salmon. Salmon pink walls will look more stylish with bright green, sunny yellow, and purple accents.

Meanwhile, teenage boys may lean more on the neutral colors. For example, warm brown or beige walls with bright-colored accents like blue. If pink is the popular color of choice among teenage girls, it is usually blue among teenage boys.

It’s also possible for teens to choose neutral or paler colors for their bedrooms, rather than the bolder and brighter ones. The pop of color can instead be used on their bedroom accessories like throw pillows, rugs, etc.

Bedroom Upgrades

As your child grows, they will start to be concerned with their bedrooms’ aesthetics. For girls, you can try adding an outdoor vibe to their bedrooms by putting in house plants and displaying tropical decor. Make your teen responsible for looking after the plants as a way to teach them the value of responsibility.

Teen girls could also be interested in neon signs, so let them have one in their rooms with words or statements they specifically selected. This simple room addition makes their individuality and personality shine through.

Invest in new a cozy accent chair or a chaise lounge, where your teen can retreat after a long day at school. Place a side table next to it, and it will turn into their official reading and relaxing spot.

Add a few metallic decors in areas where they can stand out, such as on their side tables. Metallic pieces will put their bedroom in the balance between youthful and mature, something your teen will surely love.

If you have a teenage boy who’s invested in his gadgets, then a gadget-friendly bedroom will be his sanctuary. Create a space in the wall for a flat-screen TV, a table for his laptop, and couches as well, so he could bring friends over.

Allow them to incorporate their hobbies and interests into their bedroom’s decor. Let them proudly display their musical instruments and collections. A music-themed room can motivate your musically-inclined teen to enhance their talents and passion for art.

Take of all these design and decor ideas into account to be ready once your teen starts looking for a bedroom makeover. Let them express their own tastes and test their creativity. Giving them control over their bedroom design can strengthen your connection with them, but of course, don’t forget to keep instilling discipline; reward them if they keep their bedrooms tidy.

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