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Oftentimes, it feels as though the conditions in your household or workplace are not as comfortable as you thought they once were. This can be due to climate change, but worry not. You can easily regulate the temperatures of any space you spend time in!

Avoid Certain Foods

Usually, whenever a person feels like their homeostasis is not maintained, the main problem might be how they treat their bodies. High amounts of caffeine do not sound all that bad, but this consumption can prove highly toxic if the amounts or even the time of consumption are not looked after. Drinking a simple cup of coffee a while before sleeping can result in high bursts of energy, leading to the inability to fall asleep and increases the risks of stress.

Try Creating An Artificial Environment

Wide reaches in technology are constantly made. Inventions like automated heating and cooling units regulate the temperature according to your liking. Using these systems is much more efficient and fast-acting than switching one’s diet and waiting for effects to occur. Using space heaters or electric bed warmers is also incredibly helpful to keep the body warm consistently throughout the night!

Change Your Bed Covers Regularly

It may not be helpful to keep the same type of bed sheets or blankets in an area with fluctuating weather or strong seasons. For example, a thick comforter may be appropriate for the winter but not for the summers. While these covers may feel cozy and comforting, they can cause your body to overheat quite quickly and cause dissatisfaction at the very least. Along with that, switching up clothes appropriate for every season is also essential.

Establish A Proper Sleep Schedule

It is necessary to create a proper sleeping routine for yourself and follow it regularly. Going to sleep at a set time and getting at least 8-12 hours of sleep is a requirement for healthy temperature regulation. Without one, the body’s circadian rhythm is at risk. In addition to homeostasis, the physical and mental conditions of the body are stunted to a great extent.

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Find Cooler Surroundings

Drinking beverages such as juices or iced tea can easily cool the body’s temperature when the risk of getting dehydrated presents itself. Taking a dip in a pool is also a great help in maintaining the body temperature and decreases the chances of becoming overheated. Moving towards an area with a cooler environment, such as an air-conditioned room or sitting out in one’s backyard, can also regulate temperature.

Eat Healthier Foods

Eating foods containing magnesium, such as nuts, is helpful to increase the body’s temperature when the surroundings are too cold, and the homeostasis is not balanced. Eating hot meals and fatty foods containing iron and vegetables, and fruits is essential in colder weather to maintain body temperature. Spicier foods such as dishes containing cayenne have also been known to raise the body’s temperature.

Find Warmer Clothing

While wearing thicker clothing is always a good option, they are sometimes cold, which takes away your body heat to warm them down. If you have a dryer available, toss your clothes in there to not only make your clothes warm and easy to wear but extremely cozy as well! When the weather is too unbearable, try layering your clothes so it makes it even harder for your body to lose its heat.

Exercise Your Body More

Keeping your body constantly moving creates more sweat and heat, regulating the heat throughout the body. A simple walk around the house or a jog around the street is enough to amp the body up and release the heat it craves in cold, freezing temperatures. Exercise also burns calories which also makes you fitter- talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Reach Out To A Doctor

Although over-the-counter techniques may be helpful in the meantime for a short while, do not underestimate the possibility of an illness breeding itself inside your body. Make sure to have checkups with your doctor and keep up with your body’s needs.

Treating your body properly is essential, as even the slightest altercation can present itself as a big problem in the long run.

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