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Back then, taking a photo of someone means having to stay still for a couple of minutes while keeping your back straight. If you have seen those black-and-white photos, you might have realized why the people in those photos were barely smiling. Most photos back then were often developed in studios and usually taken as part of a family memento.

Nowadays, everyone can capture great moments with handheld cameras and smartphones. Some people take the time to study the art of photography and make it their profession. Photography can also be profitable, depending on how you are going to use your photo-taking skills. Various brands in all industries might also need to hire commercial photography services as part of building their company portfolio.

How to take perfect photos (even if you are not a professional photographer)

Taking professional-looking photos would often be left to expert photographers. Just because you don’t have a professional camera and other photography tools doesn’t mean that you cannot take good photos. It’s not about the expensive tools and equipment but more on having the right skills.

That said, it doesn’t matter whether you use a DSLR or your camera phone to take photos. It’s all about knowing how and when to take the perfect picture at the right time. Here are some tips for capturing excellent images every time:

1. Take lots of photos.

This should be a no-brainer. The more you take photos, the more you will learn the right angles, lighting, and techniques. Even professional photographers started from the bottom, learned techniques along the way, and worked their way to the top. You can do the same!

2. Don’t be embarrassed if you only have a camera phone to take photos with.

As mentioned, it’s not about the tools and equipment you have but how you use them to your advantage. Even your camera phone can take the best photos. Although mobile phones might be expensive, they often come with features that make picture-taking more enjoyable. It's doesn't matter where you are and who or what your subjects are.

3. Learn how to use backgrounds.

Even plain white backgrounds and others considered “negative space” can make a photo look striking. It adds contrast to the subject and makes the latter stand out. White backgrounds add drama to the picture itself.

Woman taking photos outside

4. Experiment with a different perspective.

Taking photos can be more interesting if you do it from various perspectives. For example, you can try pointing your camera upward when taking a picture of skyscrapers. Or you can try taking a photo atop a staircase or any elevated location.

5. Play with puddles, bodies of water, or mirrors.

Try playing with your camera and taking photos of reflections on puddles and mirrors. This technique can be an exciting approach to everyday life, which we seem to ignore most of the time.

Excelling in photography takes years of practice and hard work. More than that, it requires passion. With persistence, you can take spectacular photos even with a camera phone. But if you want to take your love for photography to the next level, you might want to invest in photography equipment.

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