Scientific Information to Convince You to Date People with Tattoos

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Each one of us has our own preferences when it comes to the people we date. Some have particular requirements for their potential dates. This is why they don’t date just anyone they meet. For others, they would even employ the services of a professional matchmaker to make sure their next date ticks most of their boxes. While some have quality requirements, others go to the tiniest detail, down to the hair color and height.

Why Some Are Not into Tattooed Singles

When it comes to the physical appearance of your date, you could be into people who have clean and clear skin, also known as free from tattoos. While many people have long accepted that tattoos are forms of art and expression, not all would even consider dating someone who got inked. One can have many reasons for saying no to tattooed peeps as their next date.

Difference in Preferences

Some people prefer dates with no tattoos simply because of their preferences. Some people think tattoos are unsanitary and unnecessary. They see inks on bodies as unattractive and only taint the beauty of one’s skin.

Many people don’t mind tattoos. But when it comes to their dates or loved ones, they are simply against it. Some consider tats a turn-off, so they would include this in their list when looking for their next date.

Tats as a Sign of Aggression

One will have to endure numerous hours of pain to get their tattoos done. While these can be pretty to look at, not everyone views such signs of masculinity and dominance as a good sign. Many associate tattoos with aggressiveness, which is one thing they would rather not have to deal with.

Some people who want to find a special someone to build a family with view those with tats as the worst partners and parental figures. This is according to a study conducted by Polish researchers. The overflowing masculinity and testosterone magnified by tats can scare some females away.

Scientific Reasons to Say Yes to Tattooed Dates

Are you thinking of other reasons why you should consider tattooed singles on your list? Science has many answers to share. Here are four examples worth considering.

Tattoos Increase One’s Self-Confidence

Not all tattoos are a big success. We have seen our fair share of tattoos gone bad. For those that loved their tats, their self-esteem and confidence increased right after getting inked.

A study shows that tattoos help improve one’s self-esteem. Their confidence increased after the session. Many people would even say that they experience less dissatisfaction and anxiety after welcoming tattoos in their life.

They Are Educated Peeps

More people are getting tattoos done no matter their profession or career. Lots of professionals are getting inked and are proud of their tats in and outside of their workplace. This shows that more educated people have tattoos.

They already accepted art in their life and chose tattoos as their form of art and expression. This is their own form of self-expression. They don’t believe that their tattoos will stop them from graduating, chasing their dream career, and building a happy family.

They Report Improved Sexual Behaviors

Today’s younger generation is more liberated, open to sexual behaviors, and experimental. A study concludes that people with body modifications and tattoos usually engage in more intimate behaviors than their non-tattooed counterparts. This means you might be able to spice up your sex life by exploring the world of tattooed singles.

They Look More Open to Talking to Strangers

Some people find it extremely hard to start a conversation with their date, let alone a completely random stranger. Since tattoos are often great conversation topics, many are more likely to talk to strangers with inks.

According to a study, male participants agree that they are more likely to strike a conversation with tattooed women. They already see something they like, which is usually the piece of art in the women’s skin. They use this as a good opening line to introduce themselves, share their interests, and land a potential date.

They Are Risk-takers

People take risks by getting inked. While they usually choose the design, color, artists, etc., one is taking risks by getting inked and not knowing if their expectations would turn into reality. Some view risk-takers as extremely attractive, which can bring more fun and adventure to any relationship.

You can have many reasons for choosing dates with no tats. But after this, you might want to reconsider your choices. With science backing up the perks of dating tattooed guys and girls, you might as well find the love of your life by simply opening up your mind to the world of tattooed singles.

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