6 Tattoo Art Ideas That Could Be in Museums

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Is a tattoo a work of art?

What is art if not a form of self-expression — to make a statement about something or some event. Isn’t that the driving force behind every tattoo on your body? OK, unless you got blind drunk and managed to get an artist to draw a sombrero and a handlebar mustache on your nipple — a tattoo is generally considered a kind of art.

A tattoo is considered art because of the intention: if your neo traditional tattoo, for example, makes a statement, then it’s art.

So What’s Tattoo Art Called Then?

Tattoo art has no other special term; it’s just that — tattoo art, ink that pushes the artform and inspires other artists while blowing people’s minds with its intricacy, simplicity, weirdness and sometimes 3D effect (as is the case with some realism tattoos).

Much like art on a canvas, art tattoos could be about any subject or theme. And much like artworks people collect, your artsy tattoo’s value is etched in what it represents for you. An experience never to be forgotten. A moment in time that needs to be honored. A person worthy of reverence.

Its value could also partly come from the artist who did it; good tattoo artists could charge a premium and the best in their field, their work is about as sought-after as any celebrated visual artist.

But what kind of tattoo could you get that could be considered worthy of a museum exhibit?

1.The Renaissance Tattoo

Rebirth, the individualistic view of human beings, a return to classical learning — all these things marked the Renaissance.

Some examples:

Image from TattooFilter on Pinterest
Image from DozzyList on Pinterest
  1. A Modern Twist on Classical Art

So take your popular Renaissance art and use modern day characters or re-envision it entirely.

Some examples:

Image from Tattoo2me Tatuagem on Pinterest
Image from World Tattoo Gallery on Pinterest
  1. Actual Art as Your Tattoo Art

Ever loved a piece of painting or sculpture that you just didn’t want to be without it? If you’ve wanted a certain work from a certain artist but have no money to buy it, get it inked.

Some examples:

Image from OKChicas on Pinterest
Image from dicasdemulher.com.br on Pinterest
Image from Bored Panda on Pinterest
  1. Geometric Tattoos

Shapes and patterns, in the hands of a skillful artist, can be alluring, breathtaking and downright hypnotic. These can make perfect shoulder tattoos for men and women. If you don’t want to show them off, you can place your geometric tattoo on your spine.

Some examples:

Image from FTCMag on Pinterest
Image from Cuded Art & Design
Image from Bored Panda on Pinterest
  1. Watercolor Tattoos

Strong dark lines, bright bold shades — watercolor technique has taken off in recent years as a form of body art. Although most of the colors come off as pretty and light, your tattoo art can take on a sinister vibe.

Some examples:

Image from Cuded Art & Design on Pinterest
Image from World Tattoo Gallery on Pinterest
  1. Contemporary Tattoos

If you’re a believer in art not following a certain movement, form or technique, contemporary tattoos may work for you. Provocative, intriguing — and reflective of the world we live in, these (and more) are likely features of your contemporary ink.

Some examples:

Image from World Tattoo Gallery on Pinterest
Image from Buena Vista Tattoo Club on Pinterest
Image from Next Luxury on Pinterest

Your Body as a Canvas

People used to have a shady perception of tattoos, keeping them out of the mainstream. But times have changed. Pop culture has welcomed tattoo culture. Even the buttoned-up types with their corporate jobs have tattoos now; likely soccer moms, too have some kind of ink on them.

And with some form of acceptance means some level of understanding; that the menacing dragon in geometric style on your shoulders doesn’t mean you’re a certain type of person. As more people learn to appreciate the true nature of tattoos and their pure beauty, you’ll find that no one will turn away from you when you say that a tattoo is an artform.

By Mike Smith

Mike Smith, a talented writer and devoted art enthusiast with a deep love for tattoos. As a creative soul, Mike's passion for arts, culture, music, and lifestyle shines through his engaging writing. With a keen eye for detail, he delves into the world of tattoos, exploring their rich symbolism and captivating stories.

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