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Tattoos have become a significant part of global culture, with a reported 32% of adults aged 18-29 sporting at least one. These permanent artworks are not just skin deep; they often carry deep personal and cultural significance. This rise in tattoo popularity mirrors the growing trend of expressing personal identity and affiliations.

In the world of football, this expression takes a unique form through ‘Arsenal Tattoos.’ Arsenal fans, known for their passion and loyalty, often choose tattoos as a way to showcase their love for the club. This article delves into the world of Arsenal-themed tattoos, presenting a collection of popular designs that resonate with the spirit of the Gunners.

Popular Arsenal Tattoos You Must Try

Explore the world of Arsenal tattoos, a symbol of dedication and passion for the iconic football club. Discover the most sought-after designs that resonate with fans worldwide.

1. Club Crest and Logo Tattoos

The Arsenal Football Club crest, steeped in history and prestige, stands as a timeless symbol for fans worldwide. Originally featuring three cannons, reflecting the club’s origins in Woolwich, where they were founded by munitions workers, the crest has evolved over time. Today’s design, simplified yet striking, showcases a single cannon, symbolizing strength and resilience, making it a popular choice for tattoos.

Fans often opt for variations of this iconic logo, ranging from the classic red and white palette to more stylized, monochromatic designs. Some choose to incorporate elements that reflect personal stories or milestones of the club, such as championship dates or memorable slogans. These tattoos can vary in size and complexity, from minimalist interpretations to elaborate, detailed artworks, often positioned on visible areas like the arms, chest, or legs, as a proud display of allegiance.

2. Player Portraits

Tattoos featuring portraits of legendary Arsenal players are a profound way for fans to honor their football heroes. Utilizing tattoo guns with precision and artistry, tattoo artists can capture the likenesses of iconic figures like Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, along with current stars.

Thierry Henry, revered for his phenomenal skill and scoring ability, left an indelible mark in Arsenal’s history. His portrait tattoos often capture his celebratory moments or iconic poses, symbolizing excellence and inspiration. Dennis Bergkamp, known for his incredible technique and intelligence on the field, is another popular choice. His tattoos often depict moments that capture his poise and elegance in play.

Portraits of current stars also adorn fans, celebrating the ongoing legacy of the club. These tattoos, intricate and deeply personal, are created with care using tattoo guns, ensuring every detail from facial expressions to jersey numbers is faithfully rendered. This form of body art not only showcases the fans’ admiration but also cements these players’ statuses as enduring icons of the Arsenal Football Club.

3. Arsenal’s Stadium-Inspired Tattoos

Arsenal’s Stadium-Inspired Tattoos offer fans a way to carry a piece of the club’s home grounds with them. The Emirates Stadium, known for its modern design and sweeping curves, serves as a canvas for intricate tattoos. Fans often choose to depict the stadium in its grandeur, incorporating its unique architectural elements, such as the iconic facade or the renowned Clock End.

Highbury, the club’s former home, holds a special place in the hearts of long-time fans. Its Art Deco facade and the famous marble halls are popular elements in these tattoos, serving as nostalgic reminders of the club’s rich history. These tattoos often merge artistic creativity with architectural precision, embodying the spirit and legacy of Arsenal’s storied grounds.

4. Historical Moments

Tattoos depicting iconic moments in Arsenal’s history allow fans to immortalize the club’s greatest achievements on their skin. These designs often feature celebratory scenes of trophy wins, such as the unforgettable Premier League titles, or capture the ecstasy of memorable goals that have defined the club’s success.

From the invincibles’ season to dramatic FA Cup victories, these tattoos narrate stories of triumph and glory. They might showcase a specific game-winning goal or a legendary player in the midst of a career-defining play. These tattoos are more than mere images; they are timeless reminders of the joy and pride associated with Arsenal’s most historic moments, serving as a perpetual source of inspiration and connection for fans worldwide.

5. Jersey Number Tattoos

Jersey number tattoos hold a special place in the hearts of Arsenal fans, serving as a tribute to their favorite players. These tattoos often feature the numbers of legendary figures like Thierry Henry’s iconic number 14 or Tony Adams’ number 6, each carrying its own story and significance in Arsenal’s history. The numbers are not just identifiers; they represent moments of glory, skill, and the legacy left by each player who donned them.

Fans also get tattoos of current players’ numbers, showing support and admiration for the ongoing chapter of Arsenal’s journey. These tattoos vary in style, from bold, graphic numerals to more subtle, minimalist designs, often accompanied by the player’s name. The choice of a jersey number tattoo is a personal one, reflecting the fan’s connection to a player’s journey, personality, and contributions to the club.

6. Arsenal Slogans and Mottos

Incorporating Arsenal’s famous slogans and mottos into tattoos is a way for fans to embrace the club’s ethos. “Victoria Concordia Crescit,” translating to “Victory Through Harmony,” is a popular choice. This motto encapsulates the club’s belief in unity and teamwork leading to success, resonating deeply with fans.

Other slogans and phrases that have become synonymous with Arsenal’s spirit are also chosen as tattoo designs. These include phrases that reflect the club’s values, its history, or memorable quotes by legendary managers and players. The designs often feature elegant script or are integrated into larger pieces like a butterfly tattoo, symbolizing transformation and growth, much like the journey of the club itself. These slogan tattoos are not just decorative; they are affirmations of the fans’ commitment to the principles and the legacy of Arsenal Football Club.

7. Cannon Tattoos

The cannon, a central element of Arsenal’s emblem, is a popular standalone tattoo choice among fans. It symbolizes the club’s origins and its fighting spirit. These tattoos range from highly detailed renditions of the cannon, capturing its historical essence, to more modern, stylized interpretations. Some fans choose to blend the cannon with other elements like the club crest or personal symbols, creating unique, meaningful designs.

Creative variations often see the cannon incorporated into larger, more elaborate pieces. It can be intertwined with other significant symbols, dates of memorable victories, or even merged into larger football-themed artworks. These cannon tattoos, whether simple or complex, serve as a bold statement of loyalty and a nod to the club’s rich heritage.

8. Team Colors and Kit-Inspired Tattoos

Tattoos showcasing Arsenal’s iconic red and white colors are a vibrant way for fans to express their allegiance. These designs often incorporate the team’s kits, with their distinctive colors and patterns, turning them into wearable art. From the classic red body with white sleeves to special edition kits, each variation holds its own place in Arsenal’s history.

Fans might choose a specific kit that recalls a memorable season or a significant victory. Some tattoos are literal representations of the jersey, complete with the player’s name and number, while others abstractly incorporate the red and white hues into more artistic designs. These kit-inspired tattoos not only showcase support for the team but also represent moments of joy and pride shared by the Arsenal community.

9. Manager Tributes

Tattoos honoring legendary Arsenal managers like Arsène Wenger are deeply personal tributes. Wenger, known for his revolutionary impact on the club and English football, is often depicted through portraits or symbolic designs. These tattoos can include his iconic quotes, signature, or moments that capture his tenure at the club.

Other managers who have left a lasting impression on the club’s history are also celebrated through tattoos. These can range from realistic portraits to more abstract designs that symbolize their philosophies or key achievements. Manager tribute tattoos are a way for fans to express gratitude and respect for these figures who have not just shaped the club’s history, but also influenced generations of fans and players.

10. Arsenal Fan Community Tattoos

Arsenal Fan Community Tattoos are a vibrant expression of the camaraderie and collective spirit shared among supporters. These designs often feature symbols or phrases that resonate with the Arsenal fan base, such as fan chants or iconic sayings specific to the Arsenal community. By incorporating elements that symbolize unity, such as interlocking designs or collective scenes from the stands, these tattoos reflect the bond that fans share.

Some fans opt for tattoos that depict memorable moments in the stands or tributes to fan groups and communities. Others might choose more abstract designs, like a rose tattoo, symbolizing passion and loyalty, intertwined with Arsenal motifs. These tattoos are not just personal statements; they’re a celebration of the sense of belonging and togetherness that being an Arsenal fan embodies.

11. Arsenal Women’s Team Tributes

Recognizing the achievements of the Arsenal Women’s Team, fans often choose tattoos that pay homage to the trailblazing female players and their successes. These tattoos are a nod to the team’s history, its significant victories, and the impact its players have had on women’s football.

Tattoos dedicated to female football players associated with Arsenal might include portraits of iconic players, representations of memorable goals or victories, or symbols that celebrate women’s achievements in the sport. A rose tattoo, for instance, could be adapted to symbolize the grace and strength of Arsenal’s female players, blending traditional femininity with the power and resilience characteristic of the team. These tributes serve as a powerful statement of support for women in football and the significant role the Arsenal Women’s Team plays in inspiring fans and athletes alike.

12. Rivalry Tattoos

Rivalry Tattoos are a unique way for Arsenal fans to express their passion and loyalty, often highlighting the intense rivalry with teams like Tottenham Hotspur. These tattoos can range from playful jabs to more direct expressions of the rivalry. Some fans opt for designs that subtly nod to famous victories or memorable moments in matches against their rivals, while others might choose more explicit imagery or phrases that capture the essence of the competition.

These tattoos often use creative symbolism or humor to convey the rivalry, incorporating both clubs’ colors or emblems in a contrasting manner. This form of expression is not just about showcasing allegiance to Arsenal; it’s also about celebrating the spirited nature of football rivalries and the emotions they evoke among fans.

13. Arsenal Legends Collage Tattoos

Arsenal Legends Collage Tattoos are a homage to the rich history and contributions of various players who have left an indelible mark on the club. These tattoos bring together portraits or symbols representing multiple legends, weaving them into a cohesive design that tells the story of the club’s legacy.

In these collages, fans might include players from different eras, combining modern stars with historical figures. The designs can be intricate, blending various elements like jersey numbers, iconic moments, or memorable quotes from each player. This type of tattoo serves as a visual history of Arsenal, showcasing the depth and diversity of talent that has graced the club over the years. It’s a tribute to the legends who have shaped Arsenal’s identity and a celebration of the enduring impact they’ve had on the club and its fans.

14. Arsenal-Related Symbols

Exploring lesser-known symbols associated with Arsenal offers a unique perspective for tattoo designs. Beyond the famous cannon and crest, there are other elements that hold significance for the club and its fans. These could include historical references to the club’s origins, such as motifs representing Woolwich, where Arsenal was founded, or symbolic nods to key events in the club’s history.

Creative interpretations of these symbols in tattoos allow fans to express their connection to the club in a more personal and subtle way. These designs might integrate lesser-known symbols with popular motifs, like combining the cannon with images or icons that have a deeper, more nuanced meaning to the Arsenal story. Such tattoos not only showcase the fans’ deep knowledge and connection to the club but also add a layer of individuality and creativity to their expression of support.

15. Arsenal Quotes and Inspirational Phrases

Tattoos featuring motivational quotes from Arsenal players or managers capture the spirit and ethos of the club. Phrases uttered by iconic figures like Arsène Wenger or memorable lines from players during significant moments in the club’s history are popular choices. These quotes often resonate with the values of perseverance, teamwork, and ambition, reflecting the club’s philosophy.

Inspirational phrases that have become synonymous with Arsenal’s identity, whether spoken in interviews, during matches or as part of motivational speeches, find their way into the design of these tattoos. They are not just mere words; they serve as daily reminders of the strength, resilience, and passion that symbolize the Arsenal Football Club. For fans, these tattoos are a way to keep the inspirational spirit of the club close to them, serving as a source of motivation and pride.


Arsenal tattoos are more than just body art; they are a testament to the enduring legacy and rich history of the club. Each design, whether it be a tribute to legendary players, a nod to the club’s iconic symbols, or inspirational phrases, encapsulates the passion and loyalty of the Arsenal community. These tattoos are a unique and personal way for fans to showcase their connection to the club, carrying a piece of its spirit wherever they go.

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