How To Instill Alternative Art Into Your Home In 2023

Every home has a distinct personality, and finding the right painting to match it can be difficult. You could spend ages down your local art gallery, searching for something, anything, to bring a bit of life to your walls. But the “clash factor” is real. If you’ve completed the majority of your home decor design, you have to find something that doesn’t clash with it, and that’s easier said than done.

For art lovers out there, however, there is no reason to fret. You can create an artsy home that screams creativity without a single “clash risk” on the wall. All you have to do is spread the net and be a bit creative. Here are a few ways in which alternative art is finding a place in households across the world in 2023:

Antiques Are Back In

For a long while now, the majority of homes have opted for a more modernist spin when it comes to their décor. In 2023, however, that looks set to change. Instead, traditionalism and antique pieces are finding their way back into the mainstream. Whether it’s vintage-looking sterling silver candlesticks or gorgeous antique drinking cabinets, there are plenty of ways to find beautiful, artistic design pieces that will fit snugly with the furniture in your household.

Plant Life

Another ongoing trend in the modern world is indoor house plants. You might be thinking: what’s artistic about that? But actually, plant life is a unique and beautiful way to instill some color and shape into rooms that may otherwise have been mundane and, for lack of a better word, square. Not to mention, they oxygenate the room and aid in the relaxation and mental wellbeing of residents. So it’s a win-win option!


A great way to incorporate some alternative art into your home is by becoming an artist yourself. DIY is a popular hobby amongst many homeowners, and it’s a fun idea if you are looking for some personal and creative furniture pieces. Whether you go all out or keep it simple, self-created furniture immediately ups the wow factor of a house and is always a talking point for guests – it’ll be like they’ve walked into your very own gallery!

The Family Wall

If you’re still looking for something to color the walls, but can’t find any paintings that fit with your home style, then look into photographs instead. The “family wall” is a perfect way to add color to a blank canvas without ruining a definitive theme, all with meaningful and beautiful photographs that you have taken yourself.

Abstract Ornaments

Another 2023 favorites are abstract ornaments. These are curious and bold art pieces designed to sit on your tabletops or in the corner of your room, lighting up the space with something a bit different. It doesn’t have to be too out there, either. But if you were to find some abstract ornaments or sculptures that you like – or say something about you – there’s nothing stopping you from utilizing them in your home. They’re sure to be a talking point, and they can help to echo your own personality, making the space around you truly your space.

Lighting Art

Lighting art is an elegant way to add creative and innovative designs to your home decor. They are designed to be both functional and add to your home’s aesthetics. There are different light art forms, such as lamps, chandeliers, and wall sconces which are made from various materials like glass, metal, and wood,

If you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any area of your home, lighting art is definitely what you should go for. It can even bring attention to other decorative elements in your home and set the tone for different occasions. Do you ever wonder why art galleries have this warm and welcoming vibe? It’s because of the lights! Lights can act as a stunning focal point in any space that can add that extra layer of sophistication.

Textile Art

The last on our list is textile art. This is a type of art that leverages some fabrics’ intricate and beautiful designs. Textile arts are ideal for adding visual interest and texture to your home. Look for woven tapestries and embroidered pieces to quilted wall hangings and macrame. You can match your home’s overall design, make a statement, or it can be an excellent accent art in the middle of your already fantastic home. Overall, textile art is a great way to add character and glamour to your home.

By Mike Smith

Mike Smith, a talented writer and devoted art enthusiast with a deep love for tattoos. As a creative soul, Mike's passion for arts, culture, music, and lifestyle shines through his engaging writing. With a keen eye for detail, he delves into the world of tattoos, exploring their rich symbolism and captivating stories.

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