Meditative Colors For A Peaceful Home

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Every home should be a space for the family to unwind and relax after a long day at work. Many homeowners attempt to achieve this with mellow furniture or scented candles, but only a few people know that a relaxing home can be achieved simply through color alone.

Colors have the ability to turn your home space into a place of quiet and peacefulness. This is why the initial stage of your home design is so much more important than you may have initially thought. It isn’t just about style. It’s about creating a space to aid your mental well-being actively. But what colors can achieve this, and how exactly do they do it?

Green To Invoke Nature

For some reason, green often gets overlooked when homeowners are finding their own unique color palette – perhaps seen as a little too “out there” and risky for a neutral home space. But this is a mistake, as green is scientifically proven to be one of the most soothing colors, especially when it comes to diffusing anxiety. This doesn’t mean you have to paint all of your walls green necessarily, but there are certain things you can do to incorporate it. House plants, for instance, are known to invigorate home spaces and provide a feeling of harmony, which is needed after a hard day in the office. If you are aiming for something unique yet gives out that calming nature ambiance, go for mint green, sage green, or Caledon green.

Blue For Tranquility

Blue is also a peaceful color. It can be utilized to de-stress and provide a sense of calm, clear thought and concentration. Suppose you are into meditation or meditative breathing. In that case, blue will invoke the image of a still ocean, helping you to leave your anxieties behind and reclaim a sense of nature, understanding, and self.

Philosophical Strokes

Of course, not many homeowners like to keep to a single color. It’s always tempting to infuse more of an abstract mix to invoke a sense of personality, but it has to be done tactfully to avoid confusion or in cohesion. Paintings, specifically philosophical or religious paintings, can utilize a maze of meditative colors – whites, blues, greens – to illustrate scenes of wonderment and comfort. On the Judaica store online, for instance, a number of artists utilize these colors to demonstrate a sense of familiarity and comfort while also illustrating a meaningful message about faith. Whatever your belief, however, you can find artists that speak to you and provide that meditative feeling.

Warm Undertones

Whatever color you go for – all-encompassing or a definitive mixture – it is always important to provide a balance to ensure that your home is not too bright. A deep crimson rug or soft orange furnishings can counteract the more outlandish colors and help ensure the space feels warm, comfortable, and homely.

Muted lavender

Lavender is another color with a peaceful and calm vibe. Perhaps, knowing the fact that lavender flowers and their distinct smell are often associated with calmness and relaxation makes the color ooze with the same meditative vibe.

Soft Pink

Soft pink is often used as a wall color for color therapy and meditation practices due to its soothing properties. The feelings of love, peace, and compassion are just some of the emotions it can promote. It is also ideal for relaxation and mindfulness, making it perfect for homeowners who often practice meditation.

Pink is also perfect for small decorations like pots, cushions, curtains, or candles. It does not need to be your primary wall color. You can use it as an accent to complement other parts of your house. If you have a spot in your home dedicated to mindfulness or relaxation, then this color is an easy choice.

White Noise

Lastly, there is a reason why so many walls stick to a basic white color. This is because a white room helps to reduce the noise that is created by other colors inside the house. It is simple, stark, and consequently relaxing. Of course, as mentioned before, colors like green and blue are proven to be perfect for those wanting a more tranquil, meditative space. But always make sure to keep some areas of the house simple. This will help to emphasize the colorful rooms and produce a sense of airiness and calm whenever you step back into a purely white space.

Final Thoughts

While there are studies that specific colors promote various emotions and vibes, the best color to pick is the one that gives you peace. Regardless of these choices, only you can tell which shade is perfect for your home.

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