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Time moves so quickly when you are taking care of a newborn baby. For mommies, the way they try to hold on to all these fleeting precious moments is to create keepsakes.

Take a Lot of Photos

One obvious way to immortalize every stage of your bundle of joys growth is through photos. You can take photos at home with your smartphone camera or ask a professional to take artistic shots. You can find a newborn photographer in Utah and anywhere across the United States. Although any photographer can do the job, you want someone who has experience taking photos of babies. Newborns, in particular, are fragile. Their safety, as well as comfort, should always be the priority.

Take photos and record every little milestone, like coming home from the hospital, their first week in the world, their first smile, their first word, etc. Compile all these in a baby book that you can revisit and cherish for the rest of your life.

Display Mementos in a Shadow Box

Get a shadow box so that you can also keep special items on display because photos should not be the only ones that you can take as a souvenir. Anything, from your baby’s favorite toy to their tiny socks, can be archived in a shadow box.

A Quilt from their Baby Clothes

Similarly, the clothes they wore as a baby that no longer fit them should not be thrown away. Instead, you can cut them up into neat squares and sew them together to create a quilt. It is an easy project, especially if you have access to a sewing machine. The backing to make your homemade quilt feel cozy can be found in your local fabric stores. You can use the quilt or hang it on a wall. When your child grows up and ready to start their own family, the quilt can also be a nice, personal gift.

Baby photoMemory Jar

The best way to remember something is to write it down. Sometimes, special moments happen quickly and instantaneously that you do not have the time to grab a camera to take a photo or a video. That is okay. When your baby does something cute or funny, savor the moment and write it down on a piece of paper later on. Keep these moments in a jar so that, every time you want to reminisce, you can just read what you wrote and the memories will come flooding in.

At your baby’s first birthday party, you can open the jar, get a piece of paper, and read the memory to your guests.

Write a Letter to Your Child

Recount every memory and share your overwhelming love to your child in a letter. This is a great way to preserve the overwhelming emotions that you feel right now. You can write a letter addressed to your child every birthday, but do not give it to them immediately. Wait until they turn 18 or 21 or during their wedding day. It will be a thoughtful gift.

Having a baby at home will be both fun and tiring. You will have so many sleepless nights but you will also get so much happiness from watching your child grow up day by day. Do not feel obligated to record every special moment. At the end of the day, the memento that matters the most is the ones that you hold dear to your heart.

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