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In 2020, there have been many changes in the world, even at the start of the year. Digital marketers would need to amp up several aspects of their campaigns. Below are areas you have to develop if you want to draw in relevant leads.

1. Video Production

Whether you’re creating a short ad for an event or a 13-minute tutorial, video production here in Manchester is essential for digital marketing today. Google actively pushes video formats in their algorithms as consumers today prefer to consume information with documentaries and Youtube.

Marketers today use Instagram and Facebook since the two platforms have the most significant potential, having one to two billion daily users.

2. Chatbots

Brands can continue using chatbots for their customer service. Deploying these applications allow you to cut down costs on human resources and save time in engaging with an audience. Chatbots also improve customer satisfaction since you don’t have to worry about employees getting tired of people always asking the same questions.

3. Voice-Search

Because more people browse the web through their smartphones, voice-assisted searches are becoming more common. Alexa and Siri are the two most popular voice-operated assistants in the market today. So voice-search optimisation would be useful in digital marketing.

Just remember to make your applications conversational and easy-to-understand.

4. Email

Email marketing has been crucial for years now, and many marketers have personalised their campaigns. While this is still true, improving it would still be essential in 2020 and the years to come. Automation should always be implemented, and follow-ups of promos and scheduled posts are crucial for effective brand recognition.

Also, never neglect the call-to-action in your campaigns.

5. Engaging Content

Quality content doesn’t just mean long-form articles with reliable sources anymore. Marketers need to be engaging with their published content these days. Trends today gravitate towards augmented reality, 360 videos, and quizzes, which all allow your audience to have a unique experience with your brand.

This way, you also get to take a break from the usual blog posts and infographics you put out on Facebook or Twitter.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots and voice-assisted search are the result of artificial intelligence on the rise. Users can now input data or information in several applications that are collected by AI robots so that they can be stored and collected later on in searches.

Digital marketers need to watch out for the latest trends in AI to see how they can utilise more of it because there would surely be more to come.

7. Messenger Marketing

social media marketing concept

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are vital in communicating in personal relationships. Brands today have also used these platforms to market and engage with their audience. With over billions of messages going out every month, you can use these applications to personalise your messages and videos so that your target market would also recognise your brand easier.

Though there are many troubles at the beginning of the year, the world continues to change. Technology has come a long way and has helped many areas in human life. Digital marketers have a role to play in this by creating better ways and experiences for business and customers.

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