Brand Marketing: The Coolest Ways to Achieve This


There are so many campaigns being launched by brands across the globe every day that finding that one tactic to draw attention can make a success. With innovations in technology and marketing style, there are now some neat tricks up a marketer’s sleeve that will have people chatting about your brand. Here are some of the savviest trending ones.

Using AR

Partnering with an augmented reality app development company for a marketing campaign may seem unheard of, as AR is mostly attributed to social media filters and mobile gaming. However, that level of interactivity and “reality-bending” is exactly what makes it such an attractive marketing tool.

People’s attention is caught immediately with this flexible program that allows you to send your brand materials to the next level. The more intensive companies have even developed applications that you can hook up to an AR-compatible device and use to interact with consumers if you have a setup. Imagine being a consumer looking through a display of fresh new kicks, and with the power of AR, you can directly see how a pair would look on your feet without physically having to try one.

The possibilities are endless with a good setup and a creative team, and some options can make your materials interactive for anyone with a phone that is compatible. Nowadays, over 2 billion people have smartphones across both advanced and emerging economies. Just like that, you have a groundbreaking new way of connecting a whole slew of communities and would-be buyers.

Creating a promotional webpage

marketing conceptAdding to interactivity, you should consider setting up a specific website that is directly linked to whatever promotional campaign you are running. Doing this allows people to get engaged with your promotions and drive interest. Creating a separate page from your existing platforms allows your products or services for a certain campaign to stand out and creates a sense of urgency within consumers because of the more apparent limited status.

Having a webpage, in general, is helpful because you can have a main platform to link to when creating calls to action in your messaging on social networking sites, emailers, and other promotional materials. From here, you’ve essentially gotten a more captured market, and you can use this to drive their motivation to buy into your brand and products even more.

Going experiential

Creating an experience that your consumers can connect to is always a surefire way to create a lasting impact that goads people to share and spread the word about your campaign. It directly engages people and allows them to go beyond just receiving your brand messages and into interacting with them and being a part of your installation.

This can be done through either a strategic social media strategy that encourages people to join in on a hashtag or a challenge. Or it can be executed through physical pop-ups that can showcase different activities and interactive zones that carry your branding. Data has shown that this has proven to be one of the most successful forms of marketing if done properly.

With all these choices laid out before you, there are so many awesome ways to traverse the world of branding and marketing. With the right strategy and creative mindset, getting through to your desired audience is completely achievable.

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