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Trends come and go, and the same applies to trends in content marketing. Ten years ago, it was an effective method to stuff an unhelpful article with a certain keyword and wait for that website to rank. Today, attempting to do the same can result in huge consequences for your website.

This 2020, what content marketing trends are here to stay? Articles are a sure given for the next few years, but what about other types of content that will be useful to both the customer and the business? We list down our three predictions.

Videos and Motion Graphics

A pretty picture can capture your attention, but videos, motion graphics, GIFs, and other forms of video content can hold a consumer’s attention longer. Over 1.8 billion users per month use YouTube, according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. This makes it Google’s most popular service. Not everyone in that 1.8 billion will be a part of your target audience, but the pool of users that fit your target demographic will still be relatively large should you get an ad on this streaming platform.

And while some ideas are better in article form, some scenarios call for something more condensed, fast, and quick to pass a message. Infographics can work, but more dynamic animations like motion graphics provide the best of both worlds: the attention-grabbing benefits of video plus the informative and trimmed infographic information. According to, which provides motion graphic services in UAE, it’s cost-effective, more entertaining than an article, and brings an idea to life that other types of content marketing can’t.

Customer Reviews

customer reviews

Of course most businesses will say that they’re the best in the area, so consumers will rely on the reviews of customers to give them the truth. Around 70 percent of people do their research and look at customer reviews before they make a purchase, while 88 percent of people trust online reviews to determine the quality of a business.

Glowing reviews can make potential customers lean towards doing business with you. On the other hand, negative reviews that remain unanswered or unaddressed are likely to pull down your reputation. So, being active on sites where your customers can leave reviews (Facebook, Google, TravelAdvisor, Yelp – to name a few) can be very useful for your content marketing this year.

Social Media

By now, it’s no secret that businesses of all sizes can take to social media to connect with their consumers. However, it’s not enough to just have a social media page; your brand has to be actively connecting and marketing to potential customers. Whether it’s posting ads on appropriate platforms, putting reviews, announcing sales, or just increasing brand awareness with viral social media posts, having an active social media platform can help build relationships with your audience.

Not all social media content marketing strategies can be effective for all industries and target audiences. For example, paying an influencer on Instagram to promote a product designed for an older demographic may not work as well as paying an influencer to promote a product targeted to millennials. Used correctly, however, and your business can increase brand awareness.

These content marketing strategies are highly likely to continue on into 2020. As they continue to effectively draw in potential customers, you might want to consider adding these to your business’ future marketing strategies.

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