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Over 19% of wedding engagements in the United States happen in December. If you’re one of the people who got engaged during the holidays, you may be thinking of the next steps. If you or your partner worked hard to get the best engagement ring and the perfect moment to propose, both of you need to prepare more carefully for your wedding day. Here are the important things you should do after your engagement.

Set a Date

By now, you’ve probably told your family and friends about your upcoming marriage. Once you’ve finalized when and where it is, it’s best to have even a tentative answer from them. This way, your guests can make the necessary adjustments to their schedule.

If you want to have an easier time finding vendors for a good price, avoid the peak marriage seasons. According to the latest data from Weddingwire’s Newlywed Report, the most popular months for weddings are from May to June and September to October. The Knot says that this is the case because people like getting married in the cooler and minimally humid weather of fall. The number of weddings usually drop from June to July and December to February. Steer clear of the rush by scheduling your big day during these months.

Get Insurance for the Ring

An engagement ring can be one of the most expensive possessions you’ll have, as people spend about $5,000 on them. Even if you take extra precautions when handling yours, there’s still a chance that it could get lost or break. Like any other pricey product, it’s best to get an insurance policy on your ring. You can get it as a rider for your current homeowners’ insurance.

You need to get appraisal and grading documents from a professional jeweler and submit them to your insurance provider. These documents allow the insurance company to estimate how much coverage you’ll get for your ring. Getting the docs may require a lot of time and effort, but you’ll feel better having your jewelry insured.

Get it Sized, Too

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If you’re lucky, your partner would get the perfect ring size for you. Most of the time, however, you may get one that’s just a smidge too tight or too loose. You wouldn’t want to wear an uncomfortable ring until your wedding day. And you definitely wouldn’t want to risk it slipping off your finger. If you received a ring that doesn’t fit you well, get it to the jeweler for resizing immediately. It may take a few days or weeks to fix, but that should be an acceptable inconvenience, rather than suffer the discomfort and think of your symbol of love as a nuisance.

Start Dreaming

Although your wedding may be months, or even years, away, it’s best to plan ahead to prevent rushing things. Pull up Pinterest and look for venue and clothing inspirations with your partner. If you’ve already settled on a place, call other important vendors like professional wedding videographers for quotes. Early planning gives you an idea of how much your wedding budget should be, so start dreaming today.

As thrilling as engagements are, they signal the start of bigger responsibilities as a married couple. A tentative date, ring insurance, and marriage inspirations serve as the first few steps toward a lifetime together. Make them count with these helpful tips!

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