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Most kids’ attention span is very short, which is why you want to keep them entertained during a long photo shoot. This is especially important if you are dealing with toddlers and babies, as they tend to be a lot more impatient.

Today, we will discuss what you should do to make sure that your kid will stay still and cooperate during a long photo shoot. Whether you are trying to take photos of them in a studio or working with a fashion photographer in Manila, make sure to follow these pointers for a successful shoot.

Make Them Feel Comfortable

The first thing that you want to ensure is that your kids will feel comfortable during the shoot. Do not dress them up in costumes that you now they can’t tolerate, as this will make them feel irritated, resulting in temper tantrums.

If you want to try and see if they can tolerate the costumes or props that you have prepared, then try dressing them up a few days before the shoot. If they seem to be okay and do the things that they typically do, then you are good to go!

Keep Them Well-fed

Toddlers, most especially babies, cannot always show and say when they are hungry. Make sure to keep them well-fed before the photo shoot so that they will not feel hungry and cry during the shoot.

You can also bring some snacks so that if they ever get hungry during the shoot, you can take a break and give them their well-deserved food.

lights being set up at the studio

Talk to Them Beforehand

If you are dealing with a toddler or an older kid, then talk to them and tell them that they will be doing a photo shoot. Describe what happens during the shoot and tell them that it can be a lot of fun.

Hyping them up and talking to them about it will make them anticipate it, making them excited during the shoot. Just make sure not to promise them something that will not happen. Otherwise, they might throw a tantrum and never do it again.

Reward Them After

If they do well during the shoot, then make sure to reward them with something that they love. It can be a toy or their favorite food. Whatever it is, make sure to reward them. Besides, kids are often satisfied with simple things, as long as they are fond of it.

You should also commend them about the job well done and tell them how good they were during the shoot. Kids love hearing praises, so make sure to compliment your kids after the shoot. You should also tell them beforehand that they will be getting a reward if they do good during the shoot.

Always be present during the shoot and never let your kids lose sight of you. They will be working with a photographer, and they will most likely need a familiar face around to make them feel comfortable. Enjoy the shoot, and try taking a few photos with your kid to make the moment a lot more special!

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