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If your living room walls look a little blank and you’re itching to fill them with distinctive decorations, wall hangings, and artwork, now is the time to get started. Just keep in mind to buy what you like rather than something that fills a hole. Take a peek at some of these wall decoration ideas for your living room before picking up a hammer and nails. Inspiration is on the way!

Design a Gallery Wall

By hanging framed art pieces in a straight line, you can build an organized gallery if a cluster of framed art on your wall doesn’t feel comfortable to you but still enjoy the idea of hanging several pieces. Take precise measurements to ensure that each frame has the same amount of space between them. Whether you work with a tiny or massive quantity of art, it will be a great way to fill up some unused space.

Using Small Objects to Decorate

A built-in bookcase is ideal for displaying aesthetically beautiful little items and trinkets. To enhance the decor of the living space, organize tiny objects, attractive boxes, colorful sculptures, and novels on a bookcase. This looks great in a room with a lot of paintings and other decors already on the walls.

Use Paintings to Layer Fun Wallpaper

Use a wallpaper with decorative patterns and layer a painting on top of it to make a statement. It’s a daring gamble, but a bold print fits in this eclectic setting. Use various materials, patterns, and colors to make wall decor intriguing and appealing to visitors, and if you have any memorabilia with signatures from your favorite artists, even better! Everyone will surely be amazed by it.

Consider a Different Framework

You can use three monochromatic images and hang them on the wall using metal clips without placing them inside frames. This gives the piece a remarkable unfinished aspect without the formality of traditional art. If you remember your early decorating attempts, you probably used tape strips to hang posters on the wall.

Include Framed Drawings

Additionally, there are drawings and paintings, photography, and sculptures, among other things. But their placement in this gallery wall’s framework transforms them into stylish wall decor despite being hand-drawn sketches. If you want to add a personal touch, you can either use your illustrations or those of a close friend or relative.

framed drawings

Redefining “Neutrals”

You may learn a lot from this idea, even if you’re not a big fan of patterns and bright colors but still like discreet pops of color and experimental pieces. Like tables and sofas, anchor items stay neutral, while the artworks, lamps, and throws add a burst of color (nothing too much, try green, navy, red, or marigold).

Arrange Large Objects

These neutral but incredibly trendy living room wood pieces are a great example of how massive objects may be used as wall decor. They can be mounted, leaned against the wall, or stacked above a console table; as long as their height is sufficient, they’ll do perfect wall decorations that are unexpected and unique.

Wall Art Made From Natural Materials

Nature-inspired art pieces let you bring the great outdoors indoors. As a result of the wide bay window in a light sitting room, have small butterfly prints flow seamlessly into a blank wall. Butterflies’ colorful wings offer a needed pop of color to the large flat area and harmonize wonderfully with other design elements.

Display Alternative Art

Why not choose something a little more lively than a traditional painting or poster, such as a sculpture displayed above the fireplace? The space above the mantel in the living room is typically underutilized, despite being a well-known area. Replace the television mounted there with something more engaging and artistic.

Pick Statement Paintings

An over-the-sofa statement artwork is perhaps the most apparent option for wall decorations in the living room. It’s a classic style that’s easy to customize to your tastes. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the flow between the ceiling, walls, and floor when selecting a piece such as this one.

Choose Paintings of Large Scale

You can transform an empty wall in your living room into a remarkable visual element by hanging a large artwork on it. A tall picture will often perfectly fit on a narrow wall next to a doorway. You can also put another framed work of art in the hall outside the living room, giving the space contrast and depth.

Final Thoughts

It can be a challenge to choose the best style for aesthetic living room wall decor. Remember that it’s always up to your preference. You can ask for advice from your friends and family, but in the end, it always falls to what you like and what pleases your eye.

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