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Interior design has been around for years and has significantly changed worldwide. Regardless of your style choice, this blog has come up with more than one way to help you amp up your space. Whether you are a book lover, nature enthusiast, or art collector, your walls can always be customized to fit your style, ensuring that you are constantly surrounded by the things you love.

Interior design experts share some wall decor ideas that can add style to your home:

Family Gallery Wall

If you are looking for a way to add color and personality to your home, curate a gallery wall. Use it to display photography, art, wall hangings, among other decorative items. You can spice things up by using a wide range of ornate variations, or you can go simple by using medium to small-sized cohesive frames. If your space is small, you can create an illusion of a larger area by extending your decor to the ceiling.

Create an Accent Wall

Besides displaying photos, art, and other hangings on the wall, you can further employ your creativity and decorate the wall. You can go in with bright and bold colors to create pieces that you love, such as a tree for nature lovers. You can take your game a notch higher by introducing patterns with stencils, wallpaper, among other decorative painting techniques. This painting can symbolize something in your life. For instance, you can draw up a storm and a rainbow on the horizon to signify that better days are always ahead. The decorative accent wall works magic for small spaces.

Fabric Showcasing

Old age and modern tapestry come in handy when looking to add pattern, a pop of color, and a soft feel to an otherwise neutral space. You can frame vintage or classical thick textile fabrics, embroidered canvas pieces, or other modern pretty textiles and hang them on the wall. These are best for anyone who does not want to handle breakable items or for anyone who is constantly moving from one place to another.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors help by bouncing light around a room, thus supplementing the light let in by your windows. When hanging on the walls, decorative mirrors create a dramatic shift in the less apparent spaces that seemed dull. Light will flood the area, making it appear like an opening and not a surface. The wall will appear more expansive and brighter than it is. You can hang one oversized piece or combine many small to medium pieces in a fashionable pattern.

shelf on a wall

Put Up Shelves

If your floor space feels cluttered with books, take your bookshelves and book collections to the walls. You can install traditional shelves if space allows, or you can go for modern floating shelves. You can neatly organize your books on these shelves, showcase your sculpture collection, and place decorative books.

Go Green

Plants are no longer limited to the window sill. Wall-mounted planters come in plenty of shapes, designs, and sizes to suit different walls and home styles. Plants add a bit of color and a natural feel to your space. If you are concerned about watering and caring for the plant, you can buy a high-quality faux plant instead. The quality is essential as it will determine how similar the plant appears to an actual plant.

Oversized Wall Calendar

This wall decor works best for a kitchen or office wall. It not only decorates the walls but also helps you keep track of your utilities and events. To add a standout element and bring your room to life, go for bold and bright colors with dramatic fonts to add a modern feel and a pop of color. Calendars are some of the oldest wall hangings, and they only get better with time.

Television Mounting

If you are all about minimalism, you can free up your media cabinet and enhance your wall by mounting up your television. This will update the whole appearance of the room by decorating and decluttering. When off, some framed TVs appear like designed artwork making the space look attractive.

Interior design requires a high creativity level. It is not for everyone to master and perfect. If you are among the people who cannot put pieces together to decorate their homes, get help from an interior designer. Identify your style, and let them do the rest.

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