What Is Momentary Ink and How Does It Work?


You’re looking for a job. You don’t want what everyone already has. You don’t want the hassle of aftercare. You’ve got plenty of reasons not to get a tattoo. Although they’re all legitimate reasons, you’re still left with that yearning to get inked, especially whenever you’re reminded of John Wick’s back tattoo. Because it’s just so awe-inspiring.

Is Momentary Ink the answer to your tattoo desire?

What is Momentary Ink?

tattooing a flower
Photo from Momentary Ink Facebook page

So you’re stuck in that tattoo limbo, where something as uncomplicated as a triangle tattoo calls for some deep deliberation. You want to be able to show off a tattoo, but at the same time, you wouldn’t want a potential employer to come up with some quick judgments about your character because of it.

And you’re still on the fence about henna tattoos since you’ve heard how some services use toxic chemicals, causing severe reactions.

Momentary Ink looks to have solved your dilemma.  It’s a legitimate company that call’s itself “the world’s largest transient tattoo provider,” giving you the opportunity to “test drive” tattoo sketches. So you don’t have to go through the sometimes embarrassing stage of regret, buyer’s remorse or the expensive route of getting the ink lasered off your skin.

If you’ve been thinking about getting temporary sleeve tattoos but have held off because they don’t look realistic enough, Momentary Ink has a special matting solution to turn fake body and skin art into somewhat genuine-looking.

But will you be able to “wear” it for months?

How Long Does Momentary Ink Last?

Fish tattoo
Image from Momentary Ink

The tattoo provider has two types of tattoos:

  1. Temporary, which lasts for three to five days, and
  2. Semi-permanent, which lasts from one to a couple of weeks.

No temporary tattoo lasts for months; doesn’t matter if it’s a sleeve tattoo or a sternum tattoo — temporary ink stays on you for just a few weeks. If you want a tattoo that stays on longer then maybe you’re ready to commit to the real thing. Otherwise, you’ll have to be content with “test driving” your Momentary Ink skin art for weeks at most.

But does the tattoo provider do color?

If you want full-color option for your tattoo, go with the temporary collection. If you prefer dark blue color but something more realistic, try the semi-permanent collection.

Here’s how some of the colored temporary tattoos look:

woman with colorful bird tattoo
Birds in flight can symbolize your need to be free; to travel and explore the world. This freedom could also be about freeing your mind and body from something or the tattoo also could symbolize your optimism about life. Image from Momentary Ink
truth hurts tattoo
A sword running through a red rose, with the words “truth hurts.” Could it be anything but about love and a bitter, disappointing end to a passionate relationship? Image from Momentary Ink
woman with a rose tattoo
Another tattoo of a red rose, this time on its own and in watercolor. So it’s softer, romantic. But the meaning behind a colored rose tattoo isn’t just about romantic love. It could also symbolize the sacrifice of a loved one and honoring their memory. Image from Momentary Ink
man with superman chest tattoo
When you want to pay tribute to what Superman symbolizes (e.g., bravery, strength, hope), a tattoo of The Man of Steel would work. This temporary tattoo takes out the imagery and instead features the hero’s symbol. Image from Momentary Ink
man with a tattoo on his lower leg
The Skull and Sword can’t do a list of tattoos without having some skull in it, can we? So we’ve picked the most discreet of them all: Hello, Ms. Lady, it’s called. Image from Momentary Ink

Clearly, Momentary Ink has some pretty good selection of artwork that you can place on any part of your body. The temporary tattoo makers even have a category for sternum tattoos, tattoo sleeves and underboob tattoos.

The beauty of Momentary Ink is that it gives you options to:

  • Simply place the temporary tattoo paper, with your chosen design, wherever you want
  • Freehand your tattoo directly on your skin
  • Use a bunch of different small designs throughout when you want to use them
  • Customize your tattoo if you can’t find the photographic, 3D effect of realism tattoos in their selection

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo Without Making One

Under temporary tattoos, you can upload images or text on Momentary Ink’s website. And the team will turn it into a tattoo you can wear for three to five days. It’s a good compromise to personalizing the ink on your body without going through the trouble of heading to a Wal-Mart, looking for paper for temporary tattoos and getting the ink together.

But if you have some artistic flair, try the semi-permanent freehand kit from Momentary Ink. The kit comes with instructions, tips and tricks, ink bottle containing an organic, fruit-based formula and an application glove. You’ll be able to learn how to make a temporary tattoo with this kit.

The kit is a good start to developing your skill for tattooing or a good gift for a kid who’s considering of taking on this art.

Now before you tattoo on your skin, do it as artists do: create a tattoo sketch first.

Tattoo sketches aren’t cheap; the most detailed ones could run up to $200. So if you’ve got a friend who has some artistic skill, ask if they could do one for you or if you’ve been doodling really well, try your hand at it.

An alternative to the traditional sketch would be to use an app; some tattoo artists may use Adobe Illustrator Draw, which has a free and paid subscription; LayerPaint HD, which allows you to export your drawing to Photoshop if necessary, and if you’re into calligraphy, try Tattoo Font Designer, which lets you choose from a number of fonts and design your own.

If you don’t want to sketch your tattoo, one place to get it from would be Tattoodo. It’s a community for tattoo artists, featuring their designs. The site has a free and paid subscription. You’ll find a rich collection of skin art, including realistic tattoos, Japanese, Celtic, mandala, graffiti, 3D and black and grey tattoos, among several other styles of body ink.

A Moment of Coolness

man with neck tattoos
Photo by Chris Blonk on Unsplash

A tattoo is a commitment.

The most intricate, astonishing artwork will not be cheap. The time you spend on the table or chair will depend on the size and complexity of your ink.  And then there’s the pain factor to think about. If you end up regretting that terrifying phoenix tattoo on your neck or that woman or man’s name etched on your chest, you’ll look back on your tattoo experience as unpleasant.

We don’t want you to blame your tattoo for the unpleasantness in life and have to spend on getting rid of a regrettable tattoo.

So take a tattoo sketch out for a “test drive.” See if a full color animal on a visible body part or a black and grey ink of someone’s name is going to work out for a few days or a couple of weeks. You’ll spend some money still, but the effects of a temporary tattoo, like the ones from Momentary Ink, are going to be zero.

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